An event not to be missed by those wishing to discover the latest news in the envelope sector.

The general theme of the congress will be Envelope 4.0. This title aims to unify the two aspects to be fostered at ICAE 2018:

  • The architectural envelope, as it is the main reason for holding the conference and the driving force that has guided the previous seven congresses,

  • and Industry 4.0 due to its growing importance in recent years.

This increased importance is based on the need to improve the manufacturing, assembly, distribution and installation processes of many products to make them competitive on the current market. This trend is not a far cry from the world of envelopes, where greater complexity is acquired due to the difficulty of the final step (installation on an unstructured medium, such as a building in the construction process) and common uses in the construction world.

As the first steps have now been taken in this field, the Congress intends to also include: new manufacturing methods (Additive Manufacturing); the use of robots not only as part of the manufacturing process but also in the assembly process; introducing ICTs to all process areas; using BIM systems from manufacturing, installation and finally building management; introducing IoT throughout the entire value chain, etc.

All this without forgetting the regular themes at the congress which are related to the characteristics that an architectural envelope should provide to operate properly through its useful life: Energy Efficiency – Thermal Storage, New materials, Sustainability, Wind, Photovoltaic Systems – Solar Gain, Lifecycle Analysis, Sound Insulation, Glass, Industrial Systems, Security, etc.

Register now and come to ICAE 2018, the 8th International Congress on Architectural Envelopes which will be held on 20th, 21nd and 22rd June 2018.


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3 day + workshop


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